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Is It Time to Move Your Business Communications to the Cloud?

One of the newest and fastest growing trends in telecommunications is called "Hosted" or "Hosted VoIP". From a technology standpoint, it is about moving your business communications to the Cloud, but is also a change in the way you pay for your office phone system and unified communication solution. As opposed to making a capital investment for the ownership, the hosted approach allows you to pay for this service on a monthly basis. So It's both a new technology and a new approach to expense management.

In the Hosted world, your communications system resides in "the Cloud", on a server in a remote data center, and you access it with an Internet connection. Servers installed in our state-of-the-art data centers are fully redundant with failover protection and are supervised around the clock. This ensures the high availability and reliability that your business demands. This service continuity protects the lifeline of your business by keeping you connected 24/7/365.

Cloud services

Not all Hosted PBX Services Are Created Equal

With Zultys Clod Services, you get secure and reliable, enterprise-class service without th enterprise-class cost. We put your entire phone system in the cloud, so there is less to manage, and it is "future proof" with additional features and functionality immediately available as it is developed. No more new phone system every five to seven years. This could be the last phone system you'll ever need!

All of the Capability of our Enterprise Class IP-PBX

Your unified communications system should help your business increase revenue, become more efficient, control cost, increase productivity, and improve your level of customer service.

With Zultys Cloud Services, you get the most advanced, reliable and fully-featured business phone system in the industry, without the investment in telephone system equipment. It includes all of the capability of our premise-based Zultys MX platform.

Stay Connected to Your Business from Wherever You Are

Enable employees to stay productive and accessible whether at their desks, in a remote office, or mobile - on their desk phone, smart phone, tablet or laptop - Anywhere and Everywhere! But more than that, you need a robust unified communications solution that is cost-effective, easy to deploy, support and won't increase demands on your already lean IT staff.

Cloud services

Available Features Include:

Local Support

Do you really want to rely on call center support thousands of miles away or in a different country? Zultys has a global network of Certified VARs that go through rigorous training in our certification program, and maintain this certification through an annual review. With Zultys, you are supported by your local certified VAR and not just some voice on the phone. From system design, training your personnel, expansion, billing questions, and general ongoing support and maintenance, your local Zultys dealer is there for you.

The Infinite Possibilities of the Cloud Allow You to Choose the Services you Need

When selecting a business phone system, one size doesn't fit all. It's bout designing the right fit so you can focus on running your business, not worrying about your phone system.

The right fit is the one that gives you the tools to increase productivity and efficiency and help you grow your business profitably while improving client support. Many cloud phone systems out there were designed for the small-office/home-office market and lack true business functionality.

Zultys hosted solutions are built upon over a decade of delivering powerful enterprise-class communications capabilities to small, medium and large organizations throughout the world.

Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, have a single location or 100 branch offices, we have the system and the experience to help you communicate better.

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